Henley Half Marathon

This morning I ran the Henley Half Marathon. The weather was good – cool and no rain, though it was fairly windy. A couple of weeks ago I got a Garmin 305 and decided to use this to monitor my pace as I went along. This means that there is a Garmin Connect run information for today. (Garmin does not know my weight, so I would not be trusting the calorie count and the GPS is a bit off in places, as seen by the track going straight down the river for a while!)

The course can be split into three parts: seven and three quarter miles of fairly flat running; a big hill; and a mile or so of flat into the finish.

Part 1 – The Beginning
The start was chaotic and stupid. The start banner was a few metres wide and they had us line up by standing in a massive area nearby. When we started those in and around me moved nowhere for a few seconds and then started to move slowly. I was well past the start line before I was running at a decent pace.

The first few miles were run using the Garmin pacing. Get to the right speed, keep to the right speed – neither too fast or too slow. Consistency was the key and that was what we achieved.

Part 2 – The Hill
Then we went uphill – 1.5 miles of uphill; a really steep start to the descent; and another mile, or so, of shallower descent.

For the uphill we maintained a good, strong pace. During this section we overtook a lot of people. My heart rate climbed a bit, but not excessively – suggesting that we were at the right pace.

The first part of the descent was steep and quite tough. It seemed to be turning the legs to jelly. The less steep part was welcome and allowed us to push the pace back up.

Part 3 – Into the Finish
Then it was just a case of keeping the pace up and running to the finish. Annoyingly R got ahead of a pair who were running slowly in the last part where the course was tight. During this chunk he got 50m ahead and I never caught him. I believe he got a 90s PB. I finished in 1:40:45.

Now for a rest in front of the TV, following the large recovery curry I had earlier.